•  Os powder is for pooling or standing oil or oil on water
  •  Os liquid is for oil stain. oil odor. oil sheen or oil in soil.  
  •  Os liquid is the only product in the world that removes old oil stains.  
  •  Os powder can be reused multiple times 
Oil Solutions is positioned to provide spill solutions for any size spill, anywhere in the world.


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Long Island, NY

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The predecessor to Oil Solutions International was formed more than 50 years ago as a commercial/residential heating oil distribution business located in the New York suburbs of Long Island. During this time, our team encountered the challenges and significant costs associated with cleaning up oil spills. Recognizing the scarcity of affordable, efficient oil remediation solutions and preventative containment options, Oil Solutions International was created.

As a complimentary product line to our oil distribution busniess, we first designed a selection of oil tank accessories to improve the safety and the appearance of the residential oil tank. The Tank Tub and our multiple sized Tank Trays are responsible for containing thousands of heating oil tanks and protecting commercial and residential property. Containment is a necessary first line of defense; however we were determined to provide an even  more effective solution to clean up uncontained spills.

Most remediation options involve a combination of either an extensive and invasive excavation or an application of a chemical solution that is harmful to both the user and the environment.Both methods result in excessive costs and further require spill waste to be hauled away for disposal at waste treatment facilities.

Today, Oil Solutions introduces ground-breaking patented technology in the form of two unique products – OS Powder and OS Liquid – redefining traditional oil cleanup methods. Our new non-toxic products are easily applied for rapid spill absorption from all hard surfaces, soil and water; FDA approved safe for nature and wildlife; and EPA listed to remediate your spill entirely on site.

Oil Solutions Powder and Oil Solutions Liquid were developed as a byproduct from technology originally designed for the federal government to remediate the atmosphere from chemical warfare agents. The technology successfully cleared the air of designer toxins and was redesigned to target and microencapsulate hydrocarbons. This same technology has proven to be successful in desorbing hydrocarbons from water and essentially any hard surface, making it an ideal and highly effective oil remediation tool.

Oil Solutions is proud to offer this exclusive, patented technology to the oil & gas industry. The chemistry behind this technology encapsulates hydrocarbons indefinitely. After treatment with OS products, a spill site will not pose any health or safety risks to people, plants or wildlife.

Our goal is to continually improve the delivery mechanisms for this revolutionary science and provide effective and affordable solutions for all hydrocarbon remediation applications.

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