California Fish & Game Approves Oil Solutions “Safe for Wildlife”

State of California- The Resources Agency                                     ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER. Governor



Office of Spill Prevention and Response

1700 K Street, Suite 250

Sacramento,  CA  95814

Telephone: (916) 327-9960



July 24, 2007


President Oil Solutions International

35 Mill St

Amityville NY11701



We have received and reviewed the information you submitted on the Sorbent “Oil Solutions Powder”  Government Code section 8670.13.1 (b) states that sorbents and other cleanup devices that do not employ the use of active chemical cleanup agents, or otherwise determined not to cause aquatic toxicity for purposes of oil spill response, are not subject to the licensing provisions.  Our review indicates that this product meets the exemption requirements outlined in this subsection.


Please be aware that the Office of Spill Prevention and Response restricts the use of loose particulate materials for purposes of on-water spill response.  As such, loose particulate materials must be contained, either in pillows, socks or within the confines of booms or booming operations, for use in cleanup for all waters of the State.  These restrictions are necessary to ensure that large quantities of foreign materials are not lost to the environment where they can become available to wildlife.


Should you have any questions or need any additional information regarding this exemption letter, please contact Ms. Yvonne Addassi of my staff at (916) 324-7626.





Office of Spill Prevention and Response

Conserving California’s Wildlife Since 1870

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