Commercial Oil Spill Solutions


  •  Os powder is for pooling or standing oil or oil on water
  •  Os liquid is for oil stain. oil odor. oil sheen or oil in soil.  
  •  Os liquid is the only product in the world that removes old oil stains.  
  •  Os powder can be reused multiple times 


Whether you own a commercial company that deals with oils, fuels or other hydrocarbons or just have an oil tank on the premises, Oil Solutions identifies with commercial businesses and believes our containment products and remediation products can be of great assistance.  Our products quickly and effectively reduce the risks your business faces with oil spills.

Protection begins with our oil tank containment line.  If you use oil tanks, deliver to them or install them, our Tank Tub and Tank Trays offer affordable preventative protection.

If spills are an inevitable part of your business, then you know there isn’t a business or consumer that has the extended patience for the unpleasant odor, damage to property or time needed to properly clean up an oil spill.  This is where the Oil Solutions product line will make a significant difference in your business.

The science behind our products is micro-encapsulation.  Once either OS Powder or OS Liquid make contact with your spill, your spill is encapsulated indefinitely.  All of the hazardous properties of your spill, including all odors and ignitability, are eliminated on contact. Both products absorb your spill and end up as a non-toxic silica that exceeds EPA leeching guidelines and is safe to leave on site or to dispose of in a Class C landfill; safe for curbside disposal.  This is a quality that competing products cannot boast of in this sector.

OS Powder is often carried as an emergency spill response kit on both vehicles and at facilities.  In the case of a release, OS Powder is first applied to large pooling spill areas on hard surfaces or on water.  It acts as an impervious barrier and is easily used in replace of a boom to block drains and prevent a spill from spreading.  Oil Solutions Liquid is then applied and desorbs the oil from concrete floors, vinyl siding, wood, stone, rocks, cement, soil and sand.  Oil odors are neutralized, stains are lifted and the liquid dries into light fluffy powder.  Damage to property is limited and the costs associated with the spill are considerably reduced.

Making the decision to prepare your spill site or business operations with our Oil Solutions technology means you are taking the preventative measures to avoid the negative consequences of an oil spill.  To prepare your backup plan for potential spills of your oils, fuels and other hydrocarbons, visit our products page to view the different options of our revolutionary oil remediation products. For more information, feel free to contact us with any questions.