How to Clean Up Oil Spills Tips

Oil Solutions LIQUID Step 1&2
1. If a spill just occured and its small, you can just use OS Step 1, scrub it in, wash it away with water, repeat until gone. If this doesn’t work, Step 1 & 2 will be necessary.
2. For oil sheen or oil rainbow, in water or on a hard surface. You can use just Step 1 in a sprayer to clean. This cannot be used for pooling oil or large amounts of oil. You will need OS powder for larger spills.
3. You can use OS Step 1 & 2 to clean your hands or clothes, You can also use it to remove carpet stains, unless the oil is heavily saturated to the floor, then discard carpet. For clothes, apply Step 1 & 2 and put in washing machine.
4. To use OS liquid on old stains, apply Step 1, rub it in and apply Step 2, equal portions, and apply them both wet. Let dry, repeat every 24 or 48 hrs.

Oil Solutions POWDER
1. When using OS Powder, any powder that remains white can be reused, or put back in the bag for later use.