Industrial Oil Spill Solutions

The industrial sector is a prime place for large oil spills to be a recurring problem. If left unaddressed, spills quickly become time consuming and costly. The ramifications of environmental damage caused by a spill can result in unwanted attention and fines from government organizations.

Oil Solutions is quickly becoming the preferred environmentally-safe method of cleaning spills on oil fields and pumping stations across the nation.  Its flexible distribution methods on contaminated water and soil, non-toxic properties to wildlife and nature and unique disposal properties have proven that Oil Solutions is an effective and affordable option to traditional remediation.

Our containment products aid in keeping your spill remediation local and affordable.  The process begins with OS Powder instantly absorbing 13x its weight and quickly removing the pooled spill from both water and land.  The soil is then treated with OS Liquid.  It is applied to the ground and tilled.  Samples are then taken and tested by local government agencies for toxicity.  Typically, in a few hours, hydrocarbon levels test below contamination thresholds.  The result is a site that is deemed non-hazardous, achieved without costly remediation, and unnecessary and undesired attention is avoided.

The science behind Oil Solutions is micro-encapsulation.  Once either OS Powder or OS Liquid make contact with your spill, the hydrocarbons are encapsulated indefinitely, removing the hazardous properties from your spill site.  The end product is a non-toxic silica that exceeds EPA leeching guidelines and is safe to either leave on site or dispose of in a Class C Landfill, curbside disposal.  This is a quality that competing products cannot boast of in this sector.

Making the decision to prepare your spill site or business operations with our Oil Solutions technology means you are taking the preventative measures to avoid the negative consequences of an oil spill.  To prepare your backup plan for potential spills of your oils, fuels and other hydrocarbons, visit our products page to view the different options of our revolutionary oil remediation products. For more information, feel free to contact us with any questions.