Marine Oil Spill Solutions


Our patented oil spill remediation products make cleaning up marine oil spills on water and equipment dramatically easier.
The most common release of hydrocarbons on water is marine fuel. The identifiable rainbow is not something any boater cares to be responsible for. Spray 10, a version of Oil Solutions Liquid Step 1, eliminates your fuel rainbow from diesel or gasoline, instantly on contact.

The rainbow is not the only thing that disappears. OS Step 1 is encapsulating the spilled fuel on contact. It immediately eliminates the hazardous qualities of the fuel including its ignitability and toxicity to the environment. The fuel is now indefinitely a part of Spray 10, and has become a non-toxic, non-hazardous, FDA listed silica, safe for nature and wildlife.

Spray 10 is safe to use on any hydrocarbon including hydraulic oil, motor oil, diesel and gasoline. It is safe to use in the bilge and on equipment. If you use Spray 10 for an oil spill on a hard surface or deck, simply apply and rinse with a hose.

For larger fuel spills, we offer our Oil Solutions Powder. OS Powder is a super absorbent, absorbing 10x its weight. Your spill is encapsulated by the powder on contact and will never again be released into the water or environment. Floating indefinitely both before and after absorption, it is easy to apply and retrieve. Further, because OS Powder is both FDA approved and EPA listed landfill safe, it is safe for curbside disposal.

Making the decision to prepare your marine facility or vessel operations with our Oil Solutions technology means you are taking the preventative measures to avoid the negative consequences of an oil spill. To prepare your backup plan for potential spills of your oils, fuels and other hydrocarbons, visit our marine products page to view the different options of our revolutionary oil remediation products. For more information, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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