Oil Containment Products

There are numerous reasons as to why purchasing an oil containment product can help save you money in the long term. According to this article from Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, if a homeowner or business owner becomes knowledgeable of any type of oil spill, whether it’s large or small, it’s their responsibility to report it to the Department of Environmental Conservation Oil Spill Hotline (800-457-7362) in as little as two hours. Also, depending on the impact the spill has on the environment, the homeowner, resident or business might be subjected to state or federal oil spill laws and will be legally mandated to pay for all of the cleanup costs. Most of the time homeowners insurance will not be able to help cover this cost as insurance policies usually contain an “absolute pollution exclusion” clause, which means there is no insurance coverage in the event of an oil spill. Your oil delivery and tank maintenance company might have insurance to help cover the cost of a spill but it varies from company to company.This is why at Oil Solutions International we provide oil containment products such as oil tank covers, containment tubs, under-tank trays and spill alarms to help take preventative measures and avoid any spills. Our oil containment products are designed to blend in with your existing oil tanks and equipment while also giving you the maximum spill preventions of whatever substance you are storing.

Our oil tank covers and containment tubs are perfect for large oil tanks between 275 and 330 gallons. Your oil tank will sit inside the containment tub and be protected from elements including rain, snow, winter weather and condensation. Our containment tubs meet & exceed EPA and NFPA requirements for 110% containment.

Our under-tank trays can be used as a secondary oil containment measure and be placed under any sized oil tank and can hold varying amounts of oil from as little as 15 gallons to as much as 50 gallons. If your tank begins to leak, the under-tank tray will catch any spills before serious damage occurs to your home or place of business. Also, our under-tank trays can be installed with a spill alarm system so you can know right away when a spill is occurring. The more oil that leaks and spills, the more money you are ultimately losing and the more potential damage could be caused.

Our goal at Oil Solutions International is to help our customer avoid environmental messes and costly oil cleanup expenses. If you do experience an oil spill you can depend on Oil Solutions’ liquid and absorbent powder to clean up your hydrocarbon spills completely without leaving an environmental impact. But we recommend having some sort of containment system in place to stop the problem right at the source.

For more information please visit our FAQ page or for specific questions and comments contact us and we’ll be happy to get back to you as soon as we can.



Tank Tub 110% Containment for 275V and 330V Oil Tanks

The ideal secondary containment device for commercial and residential storage tanks. Two piece construction for easy installation, zero maintenance and protects your tank from natures elements.

basin only

Basin Only for 275V & 330V Tanks

Tank Mate Custom Cover

Tank Mate Custom Cover for 275 Gallon Oil Tank

Tank Mate Installation Instructions

This secondary containment device blends in with most residential and commercial settings making it the perfect first line
of defense from spills for your home or business. Easy installation and no maintenance required.

Tank Tray - 25 Gallon Containment

Tank Tray 35 Gallons Oil Tank Containment 275V

Prevent oil spills before they even happen with this under-tank tray. Holding up to 35 gallons of oil this tray is a great addition to prevent any potentially damaging spills.

Tank Tray 50 Deluxe.  50 gallon containment

for 275v & 330V (please call for pricing)



Tank Tray - 15 Gallon Containment

Tank Pan 15 Gallon Containment

Localize the event of a spill with this under-tank tray. This tray holds up to 15 gallons to make sure you have time to react to a spill before it becomes a bigger problem.


Tank Alarm for Tank Trays

Tank Alarm for Tank Trays

Alert yourself to any potential spills with this tank alarm. This product lets you know the second oil starts entering the tray so you can deal with the issue immediately as it begins happening.