Oil Solutions Promises Fast, Thorough Spill Removal

Oil Storage Solutions, the maker of the Tank Tub oil tank container, has an eco-friendly clean-up product that can help drivers, technicians and others remove spilled oil thoroughly and quickly.

Known as Oil Solutions, the two-step product can be used on any release or spill to capture the spilled product for easy removal and to eliminate odors, according to Kevin Overhuls, who heads national sales, marketing, and operations for Oil Storage Solutions. Due to increasing sales, volume, the company has reduced the proce so it is now comparable to other cleanup products, he said.

“Overfills, leaky oil filters, leaking oil tanks and broken hoses are a major problem for oil companies,” he explained. “Oil Solutions can clean these releases up in seconds.” He said the products are green and completely harmless.

Oil solutions is a practical solution for Oil heat industry according to Overhuls. “When you;re making deliveries in winter, you have to keep moving or you lose money. If the driver or technician has a release, they can remove the product, eliminate the odor, lift the stain and get back to business.”

Oil Solutions is a complete fuel oil clean-up product. It works like this: For pooling/standing fuel, pour Oil Solutions powder on it. It immediately turns fuel into rubber that can legally be dumped in the trash. For oil odor and oil stain, you pour/spray the Oil Solutions liquid on it, which encapsulates it so it is safe to wipe up or leave in place to disappear on its own. Oil Solutions can be used on gasoline, No. 2 oil, motor oil, hydraulic fluid, mercaptan and more and is safe for any surface.

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