OIL SPILL PRODUCTS (buy sample sizes)

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Oil Solutions International, Inc. offers a wide range of products to help you clean up oil spills completely. Oil, fuels and other hydrocarbons can be difficult to clean due to their nature of staining and the noticeable smell that comes from spills of these varieties. Our products are designed to be effective and easy to use even against large oil spills. Our most popular products for oil spills come in the form of liquid and powdered solutions and no matter which you decide to use you can rest assured that the spill will be contained and clean up will be simplified immeasurably.

The secret in our products is the microencapsulation which occurs to the hydrocarbons when Oil Solution products are applied. The hazardous characteristics over whatever has been spilled, including corrosivity, ignitability and toxicity are all quickly eliminated. Each of our solutions has been applied to be EPA listed landfill safe and are safe to wildlife once they are applied. Each product also converts petroleum to a harmless byproduct; the liquid converts to silica and the powder converts petroleum to rubber.

If you are looking to clean up oil spills quickly and effectively, or just want to be prepared as possible for when it happens, Oil Solutions products are the answer you have been looking for. Contact us today for more information about our revolutionary, green oil clean up solutions.

(larger quantities please call 631 608-8889)