Oil Spill Solutions for Homeowners

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Oil Solutions products remove the SMELL and STAIN of oil on contact!
OIL ODOR is eliminated immediately!
Spills and stains are lifted from ANY SURFACE!

The Solution For: The Solution On:
Hydraulic Fluids Water
Diesel Concrete
Crude Oil Asphalt
Heating Oil Wood
Jet Fuel Metal
Cutting Fluids Rock
Power Steering Fluids Vinyl Siding
Motor Oils Painted Surfaces
Condensate Paneling
Auto Transmission Fluids Plants & Grass
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Purchase OS Powder

A light, quick and completely green absorbent.  Apply it to any pooling or puddled oil spill.

Hard Surfaces:  OS Powder is easily applied to a spill.  With a rapid absorption rate and capacity, a spill is instantly transformed into a solid that is environmentally safe to dispose of.

On Water: OS Powder floats and rapidly absorbs a hydrocarbon spill on water.  EPA listed environmentally safe, the absorbed spill floats as a solid and is easily removed from the spill site.

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Purchase OS Step 1 & Step 2 Liquid

Eliminate the stain and smell of oil on contact.

Step 1 is applied to any spill.  Step 2 is applied immediately after in the same ratio.  Spills are absorbed into the liquid and dry into a non-hazardous silica powder or sand.  This is safe to leave on site or is easily swept or washed away.  Odor is killed on contact.  Spills and stains are pulled out of almost any surface.



  • Stains are quickly eliminated
  • Odor is killed on contact
  • The hazardous properties of your spill are destroyed on contact




  • Watch oil rainbows disappear on contact
  • Oil Solutions safely absorbs oil on water in seconds



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  • Saturate a spill in soil with both OS Liquid Step 1 and Step 2  (Amount Spilled = Amount of Step 1 = Amount of Step 2)
  • Oil Solutions transforms the spill in the soil into an environmentally safe white sand
  • The non-hazardous silica sand can be left in the soil


If you’re a homeowner who has ever had the unfortunate experience of having a heating oil or gasoline spill on your property, you are well aware of the odor and stain that come along with these types of spills. What you need are products that not only clean up the immediate spill but also neutralize whatever hydrocarbon has been spilled.

When Oil Solutions products meet any hydrocarbon, the hazardous characteristics, including ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity and toxicity, are quickly eliminated.  The oil or other hydrocarbon is pulled from solid surfaces or even water and the fumes and stains are eliminated on contact.  After neutralizing the spill, OS Liquid dries into non-hazardous silica (sand) that effectively locks the hazardous components into a stable, environmentally safe residue. If you are a homeowner who wants to have the best and most effective solution on hand to combat residential oil spills, look to Oil Solutions to help you get rid of your spill, the smell and stain.


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