Oil Solutions Step 1&2 at work on an old stain in asphalt. Day one to day 10. Green from start to finish!

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Turns to powder and will blow away or wash away with rain.

Oil Solutions POWDER at work with oil in water.

OS Powder & Reeds

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Customers Pictures of TankTub

AFTER.IMAG1030.IMAG1036.NAVAL BASE 6.US Naval Base   

Cleaning up oil spill with Oil Solutions Step 1&2 (apply 1&2 let dry and sweep up)

Powder Spill 1 Powder Spill 2 Powder Spill 3 Powder Spill 4 Powder Spill 5 Powder Spill 6 Powder Spill 7

Fuel oil removed from water with Oil Solutions POWDER

Powder cup 1 Powder cup 2Powder cup 3