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OS Powder



Oil Solutions Powder is a unique super-absorbent to clean up fuel, oil and other hydrocarbon spills on both hard surfaces and on water.

OS Powder is a non-toxic, fast and effective means to respond to a spill.  Easy to use and clean up.  Absorption is instant on contact and OS Powder absorbs 13x it’s weight..

Available Sizes

  • 2lb: $18.00    Buy now
  • 5lb: $45.00    Buy now
  • 10lb: $79.00  Buy now
  • 30lb: Call To Order
  • 679lb Skid – QTY 22 30lb Bags: Call to Order
  • 800lb crate: Call To Order

OS Liquid



OS Step 1/Step 2 is a unique absorbent that remediates and cleans up hydrocarbon spills from hard surfaces and soils. Through a patented microencapsulation process, the hazardous characteristics of the waste such as ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity and toxicity, are quickly eliminated. Upon contact the odor of the waste and the stain left behind are also eliminated.

Available Sizes

  • 16oz: $13.50       Buy now
  • 32oz: $23.50       Buy now
  • Gallon: $35.50    Buy now
  • OS Step 1 Liquid Only: $19.75    Buy now
  • 5gal: Call To Order
  • 55 gallon drum: Call To Order
  • 275 gallon Tote: Call To Order

Oil Storage Solutions: Oil Tank Containment Products

Oil Tank Pan


Here at Oil Solutions we try to help our customers avoid environmental messes and if we can help you stop the problem right at the source we’ve done our job. Remember that if there happens to be a spill you can depend on Oil Solutions’ liquid and powder cleanup supplies to clean up your hydrocarbon spills completely without leaving an environmental impact. Trust Oil Solutions to aid you with any oil spill mishaps and to prevent them entirely with our oil containment products.

Available Products

  • Tank Pan 15: $69.50   Buy now
  • Tank Tray 35: Call To Order
  • Tank Tray 50: Call To Order
  • Tank Tub Basin: Call To Order
  • Tank Tub: Call To Order
  • Tank Mate: Call To Order
  • Tank Alarm: Call To Order

Tank Pan 15Tank Pan 25Tank Pan 50Tank TubTank MateTank Alarm



These are just a few of the stocking distributors of the Oil Solutions Product line.  For a complete list of distributors in your area in either the Plumbing & Heating or Oil & Gas industries, please call 631.608.8889

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       Vendor                Contact                           Locations                                   Product Codes

  • FW Webb        www.fwwebb.com        Northeast,USA                         OSS-OS
  • Sid Harvey      www.sidharvey.com    Tri-State, PA, CT, MD, DE,      MAF1-49 A – B – C – P
  • ReMichel         www.remichel.com      Entire East Coast                     9k700 A – B – C – P
  • MRC                www.mrcglobal.com    Various locations                     6291-02196291-0221