Residential Oil Spill Solutions

As a homeowner, being caught off guard by a spill can result in unfortunate circumstances including contamination, lasting odors and damage to your property. Oil Solutions offers products that both help homeowners prevent future spills and if necessary, provide a safe, quick, easy and affordable way to clean a spill up.

If you use oil heat to heat your home or pool, then you may have an oil tank in your basement or outside the side of your home. Our line of containment products not only improve the aesthetics of your oil tank, but contain the damage caused by an oil leak or fuel delivery over-fill. We have witnessed countless incidents where a homeowner’s tank developed a leak and potential damage to property was avoided because the tank was installed in our Tank Tub. The leaking tank is emptied and removed, and a replacement new tank is installed back in the Tub for years of additional protection.

If your oil tank is in your basement, we offer a retrofit tray called the Tank Pan. This pan will slide between the legs of your tank and under your oil filter, allowing for quick inspection of any leaks. Oil spills are easily cleaned from our pans and trays and drips into your concrete floor are avoided.
If you encounter a fuel spill from any hydrocarbon including heating oil, gasoline, motor oil, hydraulic oil and even olive oil; or if you have a spill on your concrete or asphalt driveway, our line oil absorbents can assist in completely cleaning your spill.

OS Powder and OS Liquid offer an instant solution to properly neutralize and clean your spill. The micro-encapsulation that happens on a molecular level works to destroy any odors and damage that oil or other fuels could cause. OS Power will instantly absorb your pooled fuel and OS Liquid will desorb, which means, it will extract absorbed oil from hard surfaces, soil and sand.

For oil that has stained a driveway or cement floor, OS Liquid Step1 – Step2 is your solution to remove the stain. For more information on how to apply the product for older stains, please visit the OS Liquid products page.
Oil Solutions products are also the greenest on the market. They are FDA approved, safe for nature and wildlife and EPA listed safe for curbside disposal with your household trash.

If you are looking to take preemptive measures to save yourself time and money down the road in the case of an oil spill, Oil Solutions’ containment and remediation products are the answer you’ve been looking for. Please visit our products pages to view our different solutions and for more information you can contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible to address any questions or comments about our revolutionary products.