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Oil Solutions International
Love it! The stuff works great. Now if only the cars would stop dripping more oil/fuel/fluids on our clean lot.
Oil Solutions International
AMAZING! Hey Kevin, I wanted to tell you we used your product on a major spill and it worked incredibly amazing, give me a call in the morning, I will explain how well it worked and really saved us!
Oil Solutions International
Works, every time! We have been using the product for a few months. It has worked every time, The smell, the stain everything is gone.
Oil Solutions International
Miracle! Your product is a miracle.
Oil Solutions International
Easy to use! We use the product, it cleans up the oil fast, its easy to use and has eliminated potential disasters.
Oil Solutions International
We had a spill in a customer’s basement. Oil solution took the oil stain out of the wood studs and cement floor. In less than 3 hours, the spill was clean, we didn’t use any speedy dry and the homeowners, who were planning to sleep somewhere else, were surprised that the smell had dissipated before we left. Everybody should keep this stuff handy. Thanks.
Oil Solutions International
I used the product and it worked great, really
did the job, so thanks.
Oil Solutions International
The Tank Tub saved us from a disaster.
Oil Solutions International
"The product is second to none and actually does exactly what it says it can do, we will market this product to our existing base of customers and work with the WinWholesale Group to launch it across the country"
Oil Solutions International

I shared it with another person that had similar problems.
Oil Solutions International
We will be adding your products to our Tools and Equipment Manual.
Oil Solutions International
We have been using the 2 part spray and it has work well beyond our expectations. It is truly and outstanding product and it has helped us immensely in keeping the drips of oil from machinery, cars and the like in our yards under control which means it does not make it to our storm water control system so and added benefit.

Thank you again for this wonderful product.
Oil Solutions International
Thanks! The powder really does work well.