How to Clean Oil Spills on Water

Whether it’s a small oil spill that has occurred at your home or business or the largest of scales like the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the question of how to clean oil spills on water has historically been a challenging one. Despite both being liquid, oil and water do not mix, which causes a few inherent issues. Due to density differences, oil will stay toward the surface of water and will expand over the surface of the water in which it was spilled. This causes the area of the oil spill to increase across the surface which also results in the rainbow sheen that is often indicative of an oil spill in water.

Due to the nature of oil to both stay toward the surface of water and spread out, it has always been a challenge to clean oil spills on water. Even with improved booms to localize oil spills, it has often been difficult to completely separate oil from water during the remediation process. However, all of that has changed with the introduction of Oil Solutions International’s Products.

Watch How to Clean Oil Spills in Water with Oil Solutions Products

Despite oil’s nature to disperse and remain toward the surface of water, oil remediation products of Oil Solutions International work incredibly to clean oil spills on water. There are no booms required to localize the spill as Oil Solutions’ products work fantastically to clean up oil on water directly at the source. The secret is microencapsulation which works to totally neutralize the oil or hydrocarbon that has been spilled on water. Because of this, you can be sure that all oil in question will be taken care of on contact with our products. The only requirement is to gather the resulting rubber compound from the surface of the water. Best of all the oil soaked rubber can then be disposed of normally as it is deemed safe Class C Landfill disposal.


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OS Oil Abosrbent Powder


Product Featured in Video:
OS Step 1 Liquid

Using Oil Solutions Products to Clean Oil Spills on Water

Cleaning oil from the surface of water doesn’t have to be the hassle it once was with the help of Oil Solutions International’s patented oil clean up products. Rather than attempting to remove oil in its current state, our oil clean up products use microencapsulation on a molecular level to neutralize the harmful effects of oil and make it easier to clean. We offer two different products to aid you depending on the size of the spill, and each is a completely environmentally safe way to remedy whatever oil was spilled into the water:

OS Step 1 Liquid


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For smaller spills of oil on water, we suggest using our Oil Solutions Step 1 Liquid. With one quick application, you’ll see the rainbow sheen of the oil on water disappear right before your eyes (as shown in our demonstration video). It’s super simple to use oil solutions Step 1 & Step 2 liquid too, just follow these steps:

  1. Try to stop the spill at the source to prevent any further oil from entering the water.
  2. Once the source of the spill has been dealt with, take your bottle of Oil Solutions Liquid Step 1 (which is best used in a spray bottle for marine applications) and spray anywhere you see the rainbow sheen of oil on the water surface.
  3. The sheen will disappear due to the microencapsulation of the oil molecules, and the environmental impact of the oil is now neutralized.

As an added benefit, when you purchase our bundle of Oil Solutions Step 1 & Step 2 Liquid you’ll not only be equipped to deal with oil spills on water but hydrocarbon spill on any surface.

OS Oil Absorbent Powder


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For larger scale oil spills we suggest using Oil Solutions Oil Absorbent Powder. Super absorbent and utilizing the same microencapsulation as our Liquid products, OS Oil Absorbent Powder can absorb up to 10 times its weight in oil. An additional property that makes it perfect for cleaning oil spills is that it floats indefinitely on the surface of water (shown in another one of our demonstration videos). To use Oil Solutions Powder effectively, please refer to the following steps:

  1. Try to stop the spill at the source to prevent any further oil from entering the water.
  2. Once the spill has been stopped, sprinkle OS Oil Absorbent Powder across the entire area of the spill.
  3. When an ample amount of powder has been applied, use a broom or other long object to gather the floating powder which has absorbed the oil.
  4. Throw away the powder in a bag to be picked up by your regular garbage pickup service (because Oil Solutions products are listed as Class C landfill safe by the EPA).

That’s really all there is to it! It’s easy to see why Oil Solutions products are the simple, fast and environmentally safe way to clean up any oil spill out of water. If you are interested in receiving more information about or acquiring the best products to clean up oil spills from water, we invite you contact us today at (631) 608-8889 or to fill out our contact form and a representative from Oil Solutions International will get in touch with you quickly to discuss our amazing products.